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Shark Infested Safety SAFER by decision

Shark Infested Safety: SAFER by decision

At a dinner party last night, the conversation turned to work. When asked what I did for a living, I replied ‘I work in safety.’ My inquisitor responded promptly with ‘Ah, I see. So you’re that guy...Read More

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Safety Management Trend Report 2019 – Why every EHS professional should read it

I was craving new insights into EHS all the way back in 2015. To improve my understanding where our industry is heading, I browsed through websites, read blog posts and reviewed old research papers...Read More

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Heads, Hearts and Hands – Why you prefer Netflix to numbers

Heads, Hearts and Hands – Why you prefer Netflix to numbers

As I drove to the airport recently a sea of red tail lights flooded my view. The traffic jammed.  I noticed that the carriageway in the opposite direction had begun to slow too. A few minutes later...Read More

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You don’t need a safety manager – you need a safety culture

Every company of a decent size needs an assigned safety person, and this is often an internally appointed safety manager. They may be full or part-time, and they are expected to ensure the company...Read More

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Why You Should Treat EHS Software Like a Gym Membership

If you’ve ever been on a health kick, you’ll know that getting good results is about much more than just joining a gym. You need the right equipment to get in shape, but how quickly you lose weight...Read More

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Making Safety More Than Just a Buzzword for Your Organisation

Today, most companies will tell you that for them, safety is a primary concern, and that they are committed to developing their health and safety strategies. But is this impressive talk translating...Read More

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The first Finnish company in a prestigious safety study

NordSafety is the first Finnish EHS-software company that has been included in an international health and safety study conducted by Verdantix. The study enrolled the world's leading EHS-software...Read More

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