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Turning Failure into Success

I admit that identifying failures can actually lead to better safety practices. In conventional safety management we are constantly looking to spot non-conformances, hazards and risks in order to...Read More

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Let’s Make Safety Information More Interesting in 2017

During 2017, I want to see the status of safety being lifted up. Often the reality is that safety is seen as a drag that makes things more complicated. One reason for the negative feeling is the way...Read More

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5 Key Factors for Successful Safety Toolbox Talk

I’ve got master’s degree in safety management and years of HSEQ experience from the field in different companies. I wish it matters when I start a discussion about safety with a random group of...Read More

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Safety Information is Boring

People's common mistake is to think that their own area of expertise is very interesting to everybody else. It's not. Safety information nevertheless has its use and relevant information should be...Read More

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Safety Communication is the New Black

Today as different work safety management systems are everyday commodities in companies, the need for near-miss and close-call reporting is increasing. One of the drivers for management systems is of...Read More

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Mobile EHS solutions are leading the way

Recent studies show that enterprise mobile application adaption is growing fast (Citrix). This is good news to all people using IT-systems in their work. There are also statistics showing that people...Read More

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Part 2: Safety Solutions Today

In my previous blog: Disruptive Change in Safety Management Solutions I talked about safety solutions in the past. Now it's high time to move forward. We have come a long way from collecting data of...Read More

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Safety glasses will get smart

Heads-up displays (HUD), cameras and voice control will be integrated seamlessly to safety glasses in the future. Means that safety glasses gets smart and equipped with wearable technology. This...Read More

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