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European Health and Safety Management Forum

In Berlin, at the end of September, I attended GLC’s organized HSE Management Forum for the first time. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because unfortunately, safety seminars tend to repeat the...Read More

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A Social Approach to Safety - How to Increase Workforce Engagement with SafetyFeed

What are the top challenges your company faces on its journey to improve safety culture? We’ve learned that in almost every organisation, increasing the engagement of the workforce and improving...Read More

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The Illusion of Zero: Why complete accident avoidance distracts from real safety improvement

While it would be nice to believe that the goal of zero accidents is achievable in any company, realistically, it's not. At least not if your LTIF is above 20 and you dream about hitting the zero...Read More

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Release of the Annual Safety Management Trend Report 2017

NordSafety announces the release of its 2017 Trend Report, analysing the upcoming industry changes and mindsets that are likely to impact the direction of Safety Management throughout the upcoming...Read More

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The first Finnish company in a prestigious safety study

NordSafety is the first Finnish EHS-software company that has been included in an international health and safety study conducted by Verdantix. The study enrolled the world's leading EHS-software...Read More

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Introduction to Safety Management Trend Report 2016

Following Eric Hollnagel’s views, it would be great to have information systems recognizing also successes, not only failures (accidents). Professor Emeritus Jorma Saari, the father figure of...Read More

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Content Analysis for Risk Identification

As we all know we have an enormous and continuous flow of information in our organization. People are talking, writing, taking photos, recording speech and taking videos. Information is produced...Read More

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Safety Communication is the New Black

Today as different work safety management systems are everyday commodities in companies, the need for near-miss and close-call reporting is increasing. One of the drivers for management systems is of...Read More

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Part3: Safety Solutions in the Future

In order to predict the future we need to be familiar with the past and the present. In this 3rd and last part of blog series (Disruptive Change in Safety Management Solutions) I’m discussing about...Read More

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Mobile EHS solutions are leading the way

Recent studies show that enterprise mobile application adaption is growing fast (Citrix). This is good news to all people using IT-systems in their work. There are also statistics showing that people...Read More

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