Safety Management Trend Report 2019 – Why every EHS professional should read it


I was craving new insights into EHS all the way back in 2015. To improve my understanding where our industry is heading, I browsed through websites, read blog posts and reviewed old research papers from Safety Science, Elsevier and numerous other publication channels that I had in my possession. Yet I had no clear idea about who the most interesting people to follow in safety management would be. Some people were writing about PPEs, others about behavioral safety, and some had even smaller focus areas.


With the existing, readily available data sources, it was very difficult to put the big picture together – who were the big names, and what was their vision for the future? I wanted to better understand where we are, and more importantly, in what direction safety management is heading. I started to follow related conversations online on LinkedIn and Twitter, and attended several professional seminars, summits, and other events. I met dozens of professionals and researchers. Unfortunately, a lot of talks and papers were the same old stuff. Hearing about the same topics again and again quickly became boring.


Finally, after finding some debates online about zero accident goals, I realized that there are some very passionate people in this industry after all! Things are so much more interesting when we have different points of view, passionate people, and perhaps even differing visions of the future. With the likes of Erik Hollnagel, Sidney Dekker, Ron Gant, Andrew Sharman, Dominic Cooper, Jop Groeneweg, I can confidently say that we’ve found some very passionate people and also people who are not afraid to disagree. This has been refreshing.



In our 4th annual Safety Management Trend Report, we once again share ideas from big and interesting names in the safety management space, asking them what trends and ideas people should look out for in the coming year. As for me, my long search is over – I’ve finally found what I was looking for. See for yourself!

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