Updates on the NordSafety platform 


Since the beginning of the year, we’ve released lots of new features for the NordSafety platform. Our product development team has been working hard. In collaboration with the product owners, they’ve taken our platform to the next level.

You’ve already read about the identity change that improved our enterprise readiness. You can now add external authentication providers to NordSafety, and you can control users via our public API.

So what else is new? We’ve squashed some bugs and made further usability improvements. But what’s really exciting is the bigger features we’ve released, which I’ll explain in more detail.


Advanced Public Reporting

Advanced Public Reporting (APR) is a new optional feature for the public reporting channel. It lowers the threshold for logging observations in the system. With APR you can now integrate NordSafety with your other processes and IT systems. You can create direct links to specific processes and prefill the templates. This is a revolutionary way to integrate HSEQ processes seamlessly with your main production process.

You could, for example, connect Nordsafety to your mobile workforce software. If you need to fill out a checklist before work begins, you'll see a link to that process in NordSafety. Once the checklist is done, you can continue working on the assignment. You never have to leave your mobile workforce software—everything is streamlined and straightforward.


Handwritten signatures

You can now collect handwritten signatures from a touch surface. Just add our new module to your form. This feature is handy for things like induction forms, where you’re legally obliged to collect the signatures of those who’ve completed the induction.


Create new forms from scratch

We’ve made some major improvements to our form editor. You can now build your own reporting templates from scratch—we no longer need to do it for you. If you’re a power user of NordSafety, the ability to create new templates will boost your productivity.


Full-size images

Image handling is an interesting topic. Up until now, we have tended to reduce file sizes to ensure a smooth user experience. But we’re starting to see some solid improvements in European cellular networks. Data connections are getting much better, and we can now offer you the option to use high-quality, full-sized images instead of reduced ones. You can activate this option in the mobile app.


Refreshing the forms view

Viewing filled forms is the most used feature in the NordSafety portal. Since we’re updating our platform to a react.js micro application architecture, we decided to update the forms view at the same time. The public beta is live, which means you can now test the new view. It has plenty of new features to help you sort, search, and organize your information.


Daily digest

Project managers are one of our biggest user groups. In many cases, the project manager or supervisor has to follow several projects at once. To make the task easier, we’ve created a daily digest. Choose the sites you want to monitor, and you’ll get an email summary before the workday begins. The daily digest collects information from all forms completed in the past 24 hours, including any comments in the safety feed. You can easily check whether site diaries have been filled and whether your contractors have completed any self-assessments or release checks. There’s also a direct link to the NordSafety portal, where you can check the submitted information in more detail.

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