NordSafety Growth Story 2015


Work life is demanding in the current global competition all companies face. To keep things in balance we want to be in good physical and mental fit when enjoying our free time with the people we care about. This thought and the limitless capabilities of technology are the drivers that get me up at the morning. We need to harness technology to make safety smarter and ensure that everyone is entitled to safe work conditions.

You probably already know that NordSafety is all about making safety and quality smarter and more engaging for people. And we do it as we best know with our technology and work safety expertise. What we provide is a redefined way to manage safety and quality with our mobile solution.

Mobile solutions for HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) have really done a breakthrough during 2015. There is not a company anymore that is planning a new HSEQ solution without mobile. We have entered a rapidly growing market and we are beating the average market growth. The most amazing thing has been to increase the meaning of safety work for people.

There has been dramatic increase in safety observations and site audits done when corporations’ have replaced paper with mobile solution. Our best success stories have been able to decrease their LTIF(Lost Time Incident Frequency) by more than 50 % and tripled their safety audits and observations without increase in the time used to do the work.

So how did we perform: (number from 2014)

  • 1530 people using our service (500)
  • We have 3x our client base up to 31
  • Over 4000 sites are monitored with our solution. (1000)
  • Our amazing team has grown up to 8 people (4)
  • NPS (Net Promoting Score) is (scale 1-10)

Today we have over 20 000 safety and quality reports in our system and over 6000 pictures taken. Over 13 000 safety and quality tasks have been assigned with our software to manage risks. When we published our photo gallery feature it became instantly the most used feature in our software.

These numbers gives us even more trust in our vision. Redefined user-friendly mobile-based solutions are leading the way of future safety management. I want to personally thank all our customers and prospects of challenging us to be the best we can. At the same time we want to continue providing the best user experience and continue to engage people in safety. There is some really amazing things coming to our service this year and we keep on talking about the changing safety environment.

The future brings really interesting things with it. Development cycles are getting shorter and new technology will have a bigger impact on safety. Smart watches and smart glasses are coming in the near future to integrate work safety as a part of our daily routines.

The goals for 2016 are clear. We want to keep on growing in the markets and expanding our operations in Europe. We have already ongoing pilots in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. The demand for new generation of safety management systems is global and vendors are really challenged to add value to safety management.

Our promise is to make safety work more interactive. We are introducing new shared projects to enable better collaboration in safety. Joint projects are really common now days but the communication of risks between different parties is still hard. We want to change this so that everyone working on the shared projects can receive relevant safety information in real-time. We will also redefine safety communication. People demand more and more interaction between different parties. This is something we will also address in our future.

We hope a very successful year for everyone. And we want to see new organization’s joining our mission to make work safety engaging and making safety available for everyone. We also want to improve cooperation with our current customer and keep them innovative leaders of safety as they are already today!

Sincerely yours,


Co-founder and CEO of NordSafety

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