NordSafety API sees daylight


Every SaaS system needs a modern public API to be able to connect with their users other operative IT-systems. Now we can also proudly say that we have that capability. Yesterday released the first version of our REST API. That’s the biggest upgrade that doesn’t show itself directly to the end-users. The whole team is really proud of this achievement and we are looking forward to the first integrations from our clients. We have already discussed with several clients who will start making integrations between NordSafety and their IT systems immediately.

Why build an API?

Well one obvious reason might be that most of us have background in application integration development. We have seen the benefits that organizations get when the data flows are integrated and information is transferred in real-time. Another reason is of course that we want to allow our clients to access the data they produce more easily and to be able to connect that data to other operative IT applications as well.

API should be available for everyone. That’s was the idea where we also started when discussion our API development. We have seen a lot of companies bundling their integration interfaces with the premium level subscriptions, but that’s not maybe the modern way to do it anymore. You really shouldn’t have to pay more to connect the service you’ve bought to your IT-environment. You’re already paying for it anyway. So we decided to add it in all our subscription plans without any extra cost.

What services do we provide?

We have built services to retrieve all the data our users are collecting with our application in their organization. And this means also the pictures they take. In addition to this we have also services for downloading forms as PDFs. This comes in handy if our clients want to archive the produced documents to their project management system. And that’s not all. You can also create information to our system. In the first phase you can automate the site/project and organization structure creation and later on you can also handle user and responsibility party information. So basically everything in our service can be controlled via our NordSafety API.

What are the benefits for our clients?

In the future the organizations' information flows will be automated and information will be transferred in real-time between all different applications. This means better reporting with less manual work. It also allows information to be entered only once to be available everywhere. So when you think about the benefits it seems like the only logical way to proceed.

Here is few examples how you could use NordSafety API:

  • Retrieve quality inspection information and include this automatically to your BI-reports to have more holistic picture of your processes.
  • Get safety incidents to your intranet to be shared easily with the whole organization.
  • Create and update your project and organization information straight from your ERP to NordSafety.
  • Add our mobile and modern capabilities to your current older safety management system. That’s really cool actually when you can extend your older system's lifespan with modern mobile based solution. Your users will surely love it.

So in conclusion. API’s are good and every SaaS system and also on-premises system should have one. It should be easy to use and provide all needed services to get and put information. And it should be automatically included when you purchase any plan of the service. NordSafety users can start using the API right away and to all our other readers, you can go and subscribe to our free trial any time.

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