The first Finnish company in a prestigious safety study


NordSafety is the first Finnish EHS-software company that has been included in an international health and safety study conducted by Verdantix. The study enrolled the world's leading EHS-software companies that offer an innovative solution for Incident Management. The independent study included world's 31 leading innovators.

"This is a great recognition for our team and demonstrates that we are well positioned to challenge the international players through differentiation and innovation for easy usability. Engaging and inspiring people are key factors to improve safety culture. NordSafety has succeeded in improving the EHS activity in organizations which has led to a better safety culture and ultimately lower LTIF (Lost Time Indicent Frequency)", says the company's CEO and co-founder Fredrik Löfberg

The need to reduce, manage and resolve incidents such as close calls, near-misses or accidents is a challenge for companies of all sizes. The organizations not only need to efficiently respond to incidents but also to manage such events, which may vary from accidents and quality issues to environmental hazards. The report describes different situations for Incident Management that the companies must be able to respond. The study is based on an independent assessment of the 31 vendors’ solutions. This study will help companies' key personnel to understand how EHS solutions can help with managing these challenges. Study shows in detail the latest innovations that have been developed on the market. Click here to read Verdantix blog post on the topic as well as a report.

The study highlights NordSafety’s mobile-first strategy, and how it brings competitive advantage against larger international players.

"This proves what we have seen on the market ourselves. Companies need mobile solutions that are easy to use. Solutions that help controlling the various reporting and management situations in a rapidly changing work environment." says Löfberg.

NordSafety EHSQ makes safety easier and more inspiring. Easy-to-use mobile solutions increase productivity, quality and reduce unplanned events such as accidents. EHSQ is present in every organization and has become more important for the brand, sustainability and differentiating. NordSafety is a technology startup founded in 2014, which currently serves 42 client organizations in 5 different countries.

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