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When we founded NordSafety in 2014, our aim was to bring new technology to market that would help organisations improve workforce safety. Our vision came from seeing the daily struggles of safety managers and supervisors, who were trapped in an endless cycle of reporting, or struggled to collect HSEQ-related data from the field.

We wanted to create a simpler way for companies to collect data, make audits and enable reporting, to ensure safety compliance was a less burdensome task on their business. And that’s exactly what we did.

Now, we’re taking that same progressive attitude to pricing.

Building business-friendly safety technology

From the start, our focus was to make safety more interesting, in order to improve internal communications on this topic. One of the key things NordSafety wanted to ensure was that our technology was user-friendly for all people within an organisation.

That’s why we introduced light, easy-to-use mobile solutions; just putting safety tools onto the devices that users carry with them every day improved safety reporting dramatically. We knew tech would disrupt the safety management industry, and we wanted to be among the first to enable change.

In addition, we made a promise to continually add new features and functions to that mobile-friendly technology, which would continually improve the safety reporting process, and the quality of data it generated.

Listening to our customers

NordSafety’s success is not just down to innovating on our own terms; we listen to our customers and end-users closely, to understand the challenges they are facing – and solve them.

One immediate benefit of moving to a digital solution was the reduction in time safety managers and supervisors spent on HSEQ compliance, as they no longer had to fill out reams of paperwork. However, as we solved these basic business issues, more challenges developed for us to solve.

For example, one clear challenge that emerged among companies was communication and engagement. Safety isn’t just the concern of safety managers, it’s a business-wide issue, but the majority of people find it boring. Therefore, we needed to help firms find new ways to improve their safety culture, in order to prevent complex accidents and incidents from occurring.

Among the features we launched to enable safety interactions within businesses were an instant message function inside our solution, a notification center, and most recently the SafetyFeed. With these new features we aim to provide relevant information to users in the right context. For example, SafetyFeed alone makes it easier to view HSEQ-related documentation and get easily involved in the communication.

We will continue to innovate in the field of workplace safety, because we believe that safety management should be top-notch and high-tech, in order to engage business users. Among our most recent focuses has been the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard, which looks at issues around worker involvement and management commitment. We have also compiled our own annual safety management trend report, and forged links with leading global safety professionals, to get a better overview of the challenges currently facing our industry.

People Engagement: a new pricing model for NordSafety

As part of the extensive analysis we carry out we realised that there had been a chink in our armour to date, and that was the fact that our pricing model didn’t reflect our vision.

Pricing needs to follow the development of our platform, and therefore we needed to develop a model that could provide wider access to our solution; new features like SafetyFeed can’t help businesses if they cannot reach the technology.

To address this, we are introducing a new pricing model called People Engagement. This model will help our customers to build a safety culture that includes everyone in their organisation, while still being useful as a tool for auditors and other specialists. The new pricing model is based on the size of organisation.

People Engagement will be available in three solutions:

  1. Basic Engagement - for small businesses handling compliance
  2. Continuous Improvement - for businesses that want to proactively improve safety
  3. Safety Leaders - for safety leaders who view workplace safety as a competitive advantage

However, we will maintain our user-based license model, but simplify it to make it easier for customers to understand. We will continue offering two versions of our auditing tool: Pro, for companies that want to streamline their auditing processes, and Enterprise, for companies who turn data into actionable insight.

To choose the best pricing plan for your business, visit our pricing page.

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