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5 biggest mistakes leaders do when buying EHS software Timo 1.7.19

5 biggest mistakes leaders make when buying EHS software

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear EHS software? Based on your past experiences, it could be positive or negative. From what I’ve seen during my career in the EHS software business,...Read More

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HSE Events

HSE Events, which one to pick?

There are a number of different HSE events around Europe and I’ve been lucky enough to visit roughly some 30 of them during the past 5 years. It’s always a question of resources, time particularly,...Read More

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Safety Management Trend Report 2019 – Why every EHS professional should read it

I was craving new insights into EHS all the way back in 2015. To improve my understanding where our industry is heading, I browsed through websites, read blog posts and reviewed old research papers...Read More

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onko ohjelmiston valinta vaikeaa

Is choosing occupational safety software difficult?

Have you thought about acquiring software for health, safety and environmental (HSE) management? During your career, have you perhaps already been involved in the procurement, definition or...Read More

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The best HSE conference in Europe? My takeaways from Fleming’s HSE Excellence

The HSE Excellence conference, which took place in Lisbon from May 15 - 17, is over. I’m writing this recap on a flight from Lisbon to Helsinki via Munich. Plenty of time to put all my new ideas down...Read More

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The top 3 most dangerous industry sectors to work at in Germany

Germany is the largest single market in the European Union and Germans are known to produce exact numbers and statistics. So, let us take a look at some safety statistics from 2016 which are publicly...Read More

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How to Eliminate Time Wasted in Field Reporting

When searching the web or asking colleagues for forms on things like incident reporting, vehicle checklists, inspection templates or safety checklists, you will find that what you usually get is a...Read More

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Why Standards Help You in Safety Management? From OHSAS to ISO 45001

As I was walking around a factory floor with the plant’s production manager, he seemed a bit anxious as we kept identifying new hazards. There was hazardous forklift traffic, traffic not isolated...Read More

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The State of Digitalization of HSE in Germany

As the person initiating the activities of a digital start-up in the HSE field in Germany, my main responsibility is to get in contact with companies from different industries with the aim of getting...Read More

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European Health and Safety Management Forum

In Berlin, at the end of September, I attended GLC’s organized HSE Management Forum for the first time. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because unfortunately, safety seminars tend to repeat the...Read More

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining a Start-up

So, there you are. Either it’s the decision to take your first job with a start-up, or perhaps you, just like me, had spent some time working for large companies. Those experiences might suggest you...Read More

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Why You Should Treat EHS Software Like a Gym Membership

If you’ve ever been on a health kick, you’ll know that getting good results is about much more than just joining a gym. You need the right equipment to get in shape, but how quickly you lose weight...Read More

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Beyond technology: NordSafety innovative new pricing model

When we founded NordSafety in 2014, our aim was to bring new technology to market that would help organisations improve workforce safety. Our vision came from seeing the daily struggles of safety...Read More

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New feature - Finding the Nearest Site Just Got Simpler

Every good company is built on a strong set of values, and NordSafety is no different. When it comes to our customers, we want to simplify their lives, and this means meeting the challenges their...Read More

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The Illusion of Zero: Why complete accident avoidance distracts from real safety improvement

While it would be nice to believe that the goal of zero accidents is achievable in any company, realistically, it's not. At least not if your LTIF is above 20 and you dream about hitting the zero...Read More

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Release of the Annual Safety Management Trend Report 2017

NordSafety announces the release of its 2017 Trend Report, analysing the upcoming industry changes and mindsets that are likely to impact the direction of Safety Management throughout the upcoming...Read More

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Turning Failure into Success

I admit that identifying failures can actually lead to better safety practices. In conventional safety management we are constantly looking to spot non-conformances, hazards and risks in order to...Read More

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Let’s Make Safety Information More Interesting in 2017

During 2017, I want to see the status of safety being lifted up. Often the reality is that safety is seen as a drag that makes things more complicated. One reason for the negative feeling is the way...Read More

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How to build your 5S audit template

The lean 5S method is a powerful tool to improve quality, productivity and safety. The 5 steps of 5S are Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke, which typically translate into English as sort,...Read More

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Should more countries adopt the Finnish TR method?

Introduced in 1992, the TR method is a Finnish system of rating health and safety management on building sites, using behaviour and condition based observations to calculate the likelihood of an...Read More

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A smarter ecosystem: bringing safety conscious teams together

When it comes to dealing with incidents, minimising potential hazards and reducing the risk of threat, no one job role can single-handedly shoulder the burden of keeping everybody else safe. EHSQ...Read More

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Two heads are better than one

When you’re managing the EHSQ for your entire organisation or facility, you can’t be everywhere at once. Despite the fact that NordSafety allows you to undertake much of your reporting and risk...Read More

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How to Engage People in Safety

In my opinion, the field of safety has been quite conservative and controversial. I’ve seen collisions between operative and safety goals too many times and the winner has more often been operative...Read More

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New Innovation for Collaboration in Safety

What do you think are the biggest SHEQ management challenges at shared workplaces? This question is one that does not get a lot of attention, as people are too busy dealing with rushed errands,...Read More

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5 Key Factors for Successful Safety Toolbox Talk

I’ve got master’s degree in safety management and years of HSEQ experience from the field in different companies. I wish it matters when I start a discussion about safety with a random group of...Read More

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Introduction to Safety Management Trend Report 2016

Following Eric Hollnagel’s views, it would be great to have information systems recognizing also successes, not only failures (accidents). Professor Emeritus Jorma Saari, the father figure of...Read More

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Safety Information is Boring

People's common mistake is to think that their own area of expertise is very interesting to everybody else. It's not. Safety information nevertheless has its use and relevant information should be...Read More

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7 Quick Tips About Near Miss Reporting

Have you ever wondered why leading companies set up near miss reporting? What’s the point in collecting reports about something that almost happened? If you have thought about it or you just began to...Read More

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Part3: Safety Solutions in the Future

In order to predict the future we need to be familiar with the past and the present. In this 3rd and last part of blog series (Disruptive Change in Safety Management Solutions) I’m discussing about...Read More

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Crowdsourced EHS reporting

One everlasting issue in safety is how to get people involved and in the long run engaged in safety work. Too often safety is experienced as a necessary evil. We know the feeling and you as a safety...Read More

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Part 2: Safety Solutions Today

In my previous blog: Disruptive Change in Safety Management Solutions I talked about safety solutions in the past. Now it's high time to move forward. We have come a long way from collecting data of...Read More

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Disruptive Change in Safety Management Solutions

I work in a technology company with high ambitions to change the way how work safety management, reporting and measurement are done. We have witnessed similar disruptions in other industries and...Read More

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