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Artificial Intelligence Are machines the future of daily safety management

Artificial Intelligence: Are machines the future of daily safety management?

Recent years have seen the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) evangelists. We've seen incredible advancements, such as computers beating humans at Go using new strategies. The most fascinating part...Read More

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Updates on the NordSafety platform 

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve released lots of new features for the NordSafety platform. Our product development team has been working hard. In collaboration with the product owners, they’ve...Read More

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Turning the next chapter

When founding NordSafety three years ago, we agreed on a common vision: “To be the leading mobile EHS solution”. We wanted to do things differently, using the most recent technology to transform...Read More

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You Are Losing Money on Inaccurate Audits

There are a number of different reasons why the Quentic App is great addition to Quentic platform for incident management, investigations, auditing and inspections and risk assessments. It’s worth...Read More

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Using drones to improve workplace safety

Most of us have heard of drones – aerial quadcopters that can be piloted remotely using smartphones, tablets, or even augmented reality glasses – but not many companies are fully aware of their...Read More

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace the Safety Manager?

At Quentic we are always exploring new technologies in order to understand how these could be utilized to improve workplace safety and make it more automated. Automation is key to improving safety,...Read More

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NordSafety Growth Story 2016

2016 was a really good year for mobile-friendly vendors in the EHS software industry. Across the sector, companies were looking to improve workplace safety, and turning their attention to...Read More

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A Social Approach to Safety - How to Increase Workforce Engagement with SafetyFeed

What are the top challenges your company faces on its journey to improve safety culture? We’ve learned that in almost every organisation, increasing the engagement of the workforce and improving...Read More

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Making safety a habit with improved on-site reporting.

Within his blog posts, my fellow founder of NordSafety, Timo Kronlöf, has discussed how safety should be encouraged as an engrained habit, rather than a mandatory chore. And it’s easy to agree from a...Read More

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Chatbots take over daily EHS management

Chatbots are fast taking over the daily work routine from humans . Every industry and function is planning to implement those and why not? It’s a simple way to automate basic communication needs that...Read More

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The Anatomy of a Great EHS Solution Investment Case

To obtain approval for your EHS investments, you’ll need to present a solid business case to your management team; a case built upon facts will give you confidence in the strategy you are proposing,...Read More

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7 reasons to use images at the site of an incident

Nobody wants to be involved in documenting accidents or unwelcome incidents; in fact, we’re all striving to avoid such situations from ever taking place. But should the worst happen, you need all the...Read More

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5 ways to engage staff in health and safety compliance

An engaged workforce is a safer workforce. Promoting a culture where employees are actively encouraged to participate in health and safety motivates individuals to take better care of themselves,...Read More

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How location awareness helps you understand your data

We’ve just launched location awareness services in NordSafety and it is really amazing. Visualizing data is something that helps us humans to comprehend what we see. If we are just looking at a...Read More

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4 Ways to Immediately Make Your Workplace Safer

As part of an organisation where EHSQ truly matters, you’re always looking for new ways to make your environment a safer place to be. Your pursuit of minimising accidents and reducing the likelihood...Read More

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Best practices for using NordSafety at the site of an incident

NordSafety knows that accidents happen. Using our mobile-based EHSQ management platform is the first step towards a safer and more aware workplace environment, but should the unexpected occur,...Read More

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The first Finnish company in a prestigious safety study

NordSafety is the first Finnish EHS-software company that has been included in an international health and safety study conducted by Verdantix. The study enrolled the world's leading EHS-software...Read More

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5 EHSQ Productivity Hacks

We all know that you want to do things easier and faster. You want to increase productivity. Focus needs to be on the things that really matter. This way you'll achieve the results that management is...Read More

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How Can You Start With Mobile For Quality Management Today?

When we founded NordSafety we reinvented work safety reporting. Shortly we noticed that companies are also seeking new ways to digitize other paper based information processes.(The amount of paper...Read More

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NordSafety Growth Story 2015

Work life is demanding in the current global competition all companies face. To keep things in balance we want to be in good physical and mental fit when enjoying our free time with the people we...Read More

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Content Analysis for Risk Identification

As we all know we have an enormous and continuous flow of information in our organization. People are talking, writing, taking photos, recording speech and taking videos. Information is produced...Read More

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Safety Communication is the New Black

Today as different work safety management systems are everyday commodities in companies, the need for near-miss and close-call reporting is increasing. One of the drivers for management systems is of...Read More

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Mobile EHS solutions are leading the way

Recent studies show that enterprise mobile application adaption is growing fast (Citrix). This is good news to all people using IT-systems in their work. There are also statistics showing that people...Read More

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Infographic: Safety audit with mobile

We wanted to know if mobile solutions actually brings some added value to safety audit compared to the more traditional way. By traditional I mean collecting the information on paper and manually...Read More

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NordSafety API sees daylight

Every SaaS system needs a modern public API to be able to connect with their users other operative IT-systems. Now we can also proudly say that we have that capability. Yesterday released the first...Read More

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Safety glasses will get smart

Heads-up displays (HUD), cameras and voice control will be integrated seamlessly to safety glasses in the future. Means that safety glasses gets smart and equipped with wearable technology. This...Read More

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How to decrease accident frequency?

When we started to develop our mobile solution for occupational safety, one of our goals was to make safety reporting and risk management easier. We thought that this way we could also help our...Read More

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We want to use technology to help people’s every day work

In the beginning when we founded the company we called our solution T3-reporting (T3-raportointi in Finnish). Ever since we adopted NordSafety as our company brand, we've been balancing with two...Read More

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